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Ressourcerie Inclusive de l’Association LGBT+ Baie-des-Chaleurs

The association has launched a CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN to collect funds for an inclusive resource centre 

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What is an inclusive resource centre?

This project’s goal is to make a variety of gender-affirming garments accessible to trans, non-binary, gender nonconforming, or questioning youth. With this project, youth will be able to confidentially access information and certain articles of clothing in a welcoming and friendly environment.

What will the donations be used toward?

Our goal is to collect $10,000. This amount will be used to buy gender-affirming garments, to establish the resource centre’s operations, to promote the resource centre among youth, and to organize an event to launch the centre.

What is a gender-affirming garment?

Gender-affirming garments are objects that allow trans, non-binary, gender nonconforming or questioning people to explore their gender identity without necessarily using hormones or undergoing gender-affirming surgeries. These garments help meet the physical and mental needs of these individuals, particularly by using material that is high-quality and safe, alleviating the distress that is often experienced. 

Different garments will be offered at the resource centre, includingbinders,packers,gaffs,stand-to-pees,breast prosthesesand menstrual products. Each of these objects usually costs anywhere between $40 and $80 and must often be purchased online with a credit card - this impedes the accessibility of these products for youth. 

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